Loch Rannoch Pipes & Drums

Loch Rannoch Pipes & Drums of Bucks County, Pennsylvania can trace its humble beginnings back to 1997 and a local Scottish Import Shop. The band marched in its first parade that year with just five members.

Our founder Drum Major Sandy Sinclair (Ret.) haled from Perth, Scotland near Loch Rannoch in the central highlands hence the band’s name and our tartan; Drummond of Perth (modern).

Today under the leadership of Drum Major Paul Baxter and Pipe Major Ryan Meyers the award winning Loch Rannoch Pipes & Drums marches with 23 members. While based in Bucks County the band has marched in parades from New York City to Edinburgh, Scotland and performs every Memorial Day for crowds in the hundreds of thousands on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. 

Loch Rannoch plays everything from traditional sets to the band's twist on some popular pipe tunes. You might even hear the bands nontraditional side with their rock it out version of Rakes of Mallow or I Want Candy and more.

In the spring of 2006 Loch Rannoch became the affiliate pipe band of the Emerald Society of Bucks & Montgomery Counties and participates in several events throughout the year honoring first responders. Early in 2008 the band became the affiliate pipe band with Rolling Thunder National.  Alongside the members of Rolling Thunder, Inc.
® Loch Rannoch pays tribute to our veterans, POW/MIA's and currently serving soldiers at events all year long.  Then in 2011 Loch Rannoch teamed up with the Guardians of the National Cemetery in Washington's Crossing, PA to honor our fallen warriors every year participating in Wreaths Across America.